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SCR888 Online Casino is the most popular casino in Malaysia and it has been operated in the country longer than most other casinos. The long history is not what made it popular but its credibility and honesty. Initially, it was usually found at several kiosk-based casinos. Due to the massive patronage from the citizens of Malaysia, it was transformed from kiosk-based to mobile online betting application that can be accessed through smartphones.

Another quality that boosted its popularity is a wide variety of slot games. Currently, SCR888 Online Casino offers over 100 online slot games and more may still be included. The betting application works on iOS, Android and any other mobile operating system. This gives players convenience to play on the go from wherever they are, as long as they have access to their mobile device

What really made SCR888 popular is its high winning payout. The payout is relatively higher than average. This allows players to win big. It also offers flexible betting platform. Apart from high payout, the speed of payout is also impressive. Once you make a withdrawal request, you will get your money within 24 hours.

SCR888 offers a very stable and secure betting system. Its software is also highly responsive. Apart from the money you hope to make, playing on this casino offers so much fun. SCR888 offers the highest progressive jackpot payouts and every player has the opportunity to win jackpots worth hundreds of thousands of Malaysian Ringgit, if you want to try so you can get scr888 free play accounts from us.


If you are a fan of casino and slot games and you have to go to club casino to play casino, but now when you come to SCR888 you don’t need to join a club casino, you can play casino and slot game at home by your mobile, SCR888 to be pleasure to give you a application to play casino and slot game with the simple and convenient platform and easy to play, this application have a simple user interface and have all games of SCR888 Online Casino, so you can follow instruction bellow to get application of SCR888.


A lot people are using ios on the world, and ios platform is getting popular that why we provider to you version scr888 ios on mobile so please follow the steps bellow for scr888 download ios

SCR888 Online Casino


Andoird is a version platform of mobile that is popular with people on the world, a lot kind of mobile is activing by android version, and android version was released by google, you can follow to the step bellow for SCR888 download android

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After download SCR888 on your mobile done, Absolutely you have to login, so question here is where you can get an account to login SCR888 and play casino and slot game online. It’s very easy, because we are here and always support you 24/4. We are proud is one of representative of SCR888 in Malaysia, and we will support you 24/4 about account SCR888, top and and withdraw, our service is the best and fastest, please don’t be hesitate to come with us and  get an account SCR888 login we are pleasure to serve you.

For the sake of convenience of the players, there are several payment methods and there are several modes through which players can receive their money. SCR888 offers players so much peace of mind because it is registered and it has a sound financial base so there is no amount of money SCR888 can’t pay. As mentioned earlier, one of the attractive qualities of SCR888 online casino is its wide variety slot games. Some of them have been outlined below.


This is a 5-reel video slot and it was developed by Playtech, a notable software developer. The casino has been designed like a road and it offers stunning graphics. You will get to see some scatter and wild symbols that can multiply your winnings.

scr888-highway- kings- II

This is a very popular slot game. It has 11 symbols and each of the symbols stands for a different pay value. The icons are three trucks, a jump lead, a fuel can, a gas pump, a pair of dice, a bolt, a tyre and a steering wheel. Some of these symbols offer a payout only for matching three or more while some others pay for matching just two. The most generous symbol is one of the three trucks. It is the red truck to be precise. It gives you two credits for a single symbol on the reels.

  • The tyre and steering wheel pays 10 for four and 50 for five
  • The green truck offers 5 for two, 20 for three, 150 for four and 1,000 for five
  • The yellow truck offers 5 for two, 25 for three, 250 for four and 5,000 for five
  • The red is about the most generous as it pays 10 for two, 50 for three, 500 for four and 10,000 for five

The more you play this game at SCR888 Online Casino the more you get better and the more you understand how to win with ease.


This game is themed after an underwater scenario. It features longevity, great effects, stunning graphics and stacked wilds. Where this game is distinct is in its bonus round. This is activated by hitting more than two clam shells on any of the five available reels.

scr888- great-blue

When the bonus round is activated, you will be taken to what looks like the ocean floor and you will be presented with five clams but you will choose only two of them. This leads to more free spins and several bet multipliers. Experienced players don’t joke with this round because you can earn up to 33 free spins and you can also earn up to a massive 15X multiplier on your bet! Can you beat that? This is exactly what makes SCR888 Great Blue slot unique. Do you now realize how Great Blue offers over 100X of your bet? It is all in the bonus round



As it name implies, this slot machine offers a reef theme. Needless to say the characters are basically sea creatures. These creatures are starfish, sea horses, clown fish, turtles and beautiful dolphins. The game is also a 5-reel online slot game developed by NextGen. You earn a lot of money for spotting these sea creatures.

You earn a lot of bonus when you find some sunken treasures. SCR888 Online Casino bonuses include Re-Spin feature, free games, scatter bonus and wild bonus. The wider the screen of your mobile device the better the game will look even though the game works with laptops, PCs, iPads, tablets, iPhones and Android devices.


scr888- wukong

This is an interesting slot game also developed by Playtech. The idea behind the game is based the legend of Sun Wukong. He is known for extra ordinary transformation ability, speed and strength. This is why the theme of the game features a shiny mountain. No doubt, the graphics is great like all other games developed by Playtech.

It offers 3 fixed rows and 5 fixed reels with 15 optional playlines. To boost your chances of winning, there are several bonus symbols. The game also offers so much fun like the other ones.

In conclusion, SCR888 online casino offers numerous slot games. The ones outlined above were just randomly selected. You can rest assured, any game offered by SCR888 free is very interesting and it offers so many bonuses.


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