People always compare the betting apps different between SCR888 casino and ACE333. Why? Let’s find out together!

Most of people will compare about the game choices and winning rate. We recommend people using ACE333 for people to betting. In this article, we are going to talking about the reason why people should choose ACE 333 instead of SCR888

∗ SCR888 online casino always have the problem with this server problem. Regarding the report from customer, average of server problem have about 40% of server low problem, its causes client cant enjoy and play the game in SCR888. We have receive about some complaint when customer get ” BIG WIN” in slot game, but the amount didn’t raise up. Its happen many times too.

∗ ACE333 have always the best server in Malaysia. Client can betting anytime, and withdraw anytime where they want. According to customer comment, most of them are choosing ACE 333 instead of SCR888. Another benefit of ACE333 games are customer can clearly see which game are the most popular in the apps. So customer can be more clearly know what are the game that others customer play more.


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∗ SCR888 online casino have about 100 game, but recently there are no new game updated. So customer only can play those existing game that have in SCR888. In other way, ACE also have about 100 game, but for ACE333 they will always launching for new game. Recently ACE 333 had launching a whole new game, its called FOOTBALL BOY.

∗ ACE333 new game: ” FOOTBALL BOY. Its similar like WuKong game. And we believe the ACE333 new game will become more hottest than any slot game in malaysia. Its because FOOTBALL BOY have match what malaysian like to play. The new game had launching been awhile in ACE333. According to the report, FOOTBALL BOY had the highest click rate compare to others slot game.

Football Boy ACE333 game

∗ SCR888 casino always have a problem, that is sometimes there a few game cant be click and game or automatically jump out to the game. This causes many customer complaint, but always didn’t get any answer or explanation from the SCR888 customer service site. No matter how popular scr 888 are, there are many problem which didn’t get any explanation from SCR888 side. This are quite serious problem.

ACE 333 will not happen on this kind of problem such like game cant click in or automatically jump out. Mostly ACE333 will let customer know there are few game cant be log in and play, will ask customer to play other game. Just to avoid any inconvenience from customer side. In this way, ACE333 doing the best job compare to scr888.

These are the reason why customer should choose ACE 333 instead of SCR888. We highly recommend customer choose ACE333 to avoid any inconvenient while playing in slot game.