Complete Guide Download SCR888 for PC

Nowaday, SCR888 is one of the most famous casino game in Malaysia. It’s bring to you over 50 Slots games that you can enjoy at anytime and anywhere. We have slot games and more casino game as well as eastern popular game on racing and running light. Download SCR888 for pc now and look for the trusted agent near you for more information.

You can play the interested slot games Malaysia in PC easily by follow a few steps bellow!

10 Steps – SCR888 free download for pc

1) Download BlueStacks here

2) Release the download, click “BlueStacks2_native.exe” like the picture below.

SCR888 pc 1

3) Click “Run”

SCR888 pc 2

4) Click “Next”  then “Next” > “Install”

SCR888 pc 3

5) Installation will start, please wait until the “Installation Completed” screen and click “Finish”

SCR888 pc 4

6) Download scr888.apk from

7) Release the download, click 1 then 2 like the picture below.

SCR888 pc 5

8) Double click “scr888.apk”


9) Click “Android”

SCR888 pc 7

10) Click “SCR888 Casino”, remove the login with the ID and password we share.

SCR888 for pc


After download, you can sign up and play with SCR888 id test here:

  • ID: test2600
  • PassWord: 1234

I hope you’re enjoying your time with there games!