Slot games have become very popular across the world and many players in Malaysia love to play thunderbolt game. So to say, those who have tried the game can be able to tell you that it is one slot game with very thrilling experience as a player is able to enjoy.

One of the most loved and played online casino games is monkey thunderbolt.

Besides the experience one derives from playing slot games, monkey thunderbolt revolves around the theme of monkeys and their efficiency. Having gained hype beck in 2015, the game has maintained a high level of attraction among the Malaysian people since then up to now.

SCR888 monkey thunderbolt formula

The high level of popularity has led to increasing the difficulty levels so as to control the number of winnings. The game is played through legendary monkeys and one has to predict the time that is taken by a monkey to reach the top of the world in less than one minute. Betting is primarily done on the monkeys and a player can choose to predict on the second and third positions for the monkeys.

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What is monkey thunderbolt game?

Monkeys were considered as the only creatures in the world who can reach the top of the world and that makes up the theme that the whole game is based upon. The story behind the game is that the monkeys had even tougher competition. The monkey that could reach the very top of the world was to be crowned king for the next 100 years. The rules were tight, strict and the ropes that the monkeys used were made of silk. The good thing is that this game is now available for all players on SCR888 online casino. All one needs to enjoy this wonderful game that has monkeys is to join an online platform like SCR888.

Monkey Thunderbolt is a new slot game that has managed to rise to the ranks very fast due to the nature and ease of playing the game. What else would you need as a player? A thrilling game that allows you make money while entertaining yourself, that’s the kind of feeling anyone who tries this slot game experiences.

How to play thunderbolt game

There is a maximum time limit that is set for the entire process of betting the game and winning or losing. In simple terms, two minutes are set for the whole game and a player needs to time himself or herself within the time limit that has been set for the game.

monkey thunderbolt

The associated procedure in the game has to be done in 2 minutes. And the countdown starts in the last 10 seconds of the game. A player will have to connect the monkeys and ensure that all obstacles that they meet along the ropes are dealt with. A player will have to control the main characters in the game which are pretty monkeys.

The monkeys will have to try and overcome all the challenges and obstacles along the tree as they climb to the top as soon as possible. If the monkeys fail to evade the obstacles, they lose their life and so can the bet that has been placed.

Players need to get some important tips that can see them win the set price or bet.

Tips important for one to win the monkey thunderbolt game

There are many players who try playing this game but end up losing because of lack of important tips. Below are some important tips which one can use to win in this game.

Tip 1: Be focused when playing the game

Paying close attention when playing the game is one thing that can make a difference in the game as players must focus on lightning from the stick of monkeys. The security of the monkeys is an important thing and players should ensure that they are protected. Being focused when playing the game includes observing the trend which is an important aspect of the game.

Tip 2: Play it very safe for you to win

Playing safe is an important thing as it can be able to increase the chances of a player winning. One can play safe by placing single coins in as many of the lowest earning combinations.

Tip 3: Be quick and very swift

An aspect that is so instrumental for one to win in this game as there is a need for a player to protect the monkeys from obstacles that are on the way. If one is slow, they cannot be able to protect the monkeys meaning they can lose so easily.

Tip 4:  Have a keen eye, be indispensable and meticulous.

Without this aspect, one is bound to lose out on their bets completely. It’s a factor that many never take into consideration yet it is so important for them.

The logic behind the game

Apart from the normal game that one plays with monkey thunderbolt.  There is also a jackpot that is up for grabs and one can easily be able to win the jackpot. The ability to zoom in is one of the features that enables players to have a closer look at the game and enjoy it even more.

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