In Malaysia, nowaday, playing casino on mobile mart is growing at a rapid pace. Thousands of online casino gamblers have switched from desktop-based to mobile-based given good convenience and flexibility of the latter. In 2015, the SCR888 Malaysia has officially launched its mobile slot game platform – “The SCR888 Android Mobile”.

SCR888 games was available for play in Android smartphones, as the development cost to throw a Android game application is much less costly than IOS version and most of the SCR888 players play these games on Android smartphones.

Some live casino might charge you for downloading SCR888 casino Malaysia slot games, although at a very minimal price. There are some free SCR888 download sites done by SCR888 Malaysia like, tm.scr888-kiosk,… 

SCR888 APK (the slot game application file) is downloadable on Android smartphones.  You are required download SCR888 APK to play its games on your smartphone.

SCR888 free download

Follow our simple guides bellow and then you can start playing SCR888 Free Slot game.  Just 2 minute to do this!

SCR888 free download and installation for android

To play SCR888 games, below are all guide which will come in handy for installing SCR888 APK on Android mobile. The SCR888 APK file will only run on Android devices. So if your phone run IOS operating system, please come here to get more infomation.

All guide- m.scr888 casino download

SCR888 free download for android

  1.  Open a browser, go to m.scr888 casino
  2.  Select Andriod or IOS version
  3.  Click “OK”
  4.  SCR888 APK file Download in progress
  5.  Click “explorer” and then click “APK”
  6.  Click SCR888_casinogame.APK and then click “Install”
  7.  Click “OK” to finish
  8.  Installation completed. Click SCR888 App to launch the game
  9.  Get your SCR888 username and password from game provoder

Installation complete

Step-by-step install SCR888 APK by tm.scr888-kiosk :

SCR888 free download for android1

  1. Open your browser on your Android moblie. Searching the key : “”
  2. Tap “Android Version”.
  3.  When a pop up screen appear, select the Install button.
  4.  Select the “Open” button after the installation complete
  5.  Done, now, you may login SCR888 with SCR888 Free Account.

Download – SCR888 Android apk

SCR888 free download for android -3

  1.  Open browser you have in smartphones. Enter link: and click GO.  Tap the button “Android V4.0” (green colour) like a photo above
  2. The pop-up appear, click “OK
  3. You can check out the download progress from your notification bar. It just take a few second.
  4. After  the download progress has been completed. Click on that message in notification bar..
  5. Tap “Install” button
  6. So on, now the SCR888 apk is installing on your smartphone. When the  installstion complete, click “Open” if you wanna launch SCR888 right away.
  7.  It only takes seconds to open for the first time.

Done, you may now start playing SCR888 slot games on your Android device!

That all, it’s simple, right? You can get FREE ACCOUNT – SCR888 id test here. If you having any problem during download or installation, don’t hesitate to leave your message at comment, I will try my best to assist you.

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