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The Story About Casino Slots Before and Now

In gambling world, there is no modern land based casinos can be complete without the appearance of casino slots scattered around the floor.

Today, casino slots or slot machines become more popular than any prediction of the gamblers, or even their father.  They represent the epitome of the land based casinos with the jingle of the coins falling into the winner’s tray and the lights when a jackpot is a dream of all gamblers. So in general, what are slot? In this article, I will show you more

About the first slot in gambling history

The first slot is considered that appeared 120 years ago. There is much evidence has proved that the father of the first slot machine was Charles Fey. He created it in his workshop.

Up to now, Casino slots are one of the most modern games in land based casinos which attract million gamers coming to casinos and take part in it. Since their invention they have developed into one of the main selections of casino play both at land based casinos and in the online betting world. Over the past decade, besides thousand land based casinos offer this genre, there are hundreds of online casino sites which also offer them widely besides betting games, casino games, lottery games, etc.

Casino Slots in land based casinos

Casino Slots always help the position: the most attractive games in land based casinos, they are known with many nicknames like “one armed bandits” or “fruit machines”. With these Casino slots, you will win if after you spin the reels, certain symbols or shapes on the reels stop in a certain order or pattern.

And in casinos, there are two common types of slots: straight slots which pay out a set amount every time and progressive slots which pay out depending on the amount of money deposited. Come to slots in land based casinos, besides traditional slot machines with traditional themes, there are many other themes for you to select like traffic, underwater theme, animal theme, fruit theme… from 5 reels to more. So you can easily choose for yourself the most suitable slots and join easily.

scr888 slot games

Casino Slots in online gambling world

Today, along with the population of the internet and the smartphones, today, to play casino slots, you don’t need to directly come to land based casinos as usual, just stay at home, and prepare a smartphone, computer or laptop with stable internet connection, and then you can easily access page sites which offer online slot machines, choose for yourself the most favorite slot and bet quickly after some seconds wait for loading. With online slots, gambling becomes easier than ever before.

Playing online slot with UCW88

In so many page sites which give you online casino slots, UCW88 becomes more prominent with quality slot games, the free trial versions to play unlimited until you are willing, the attractive prizes, high bonuses and high winning payouts. So, if you are confused because of looking for the best site to play, take UCW88 and you will be satisfied as soon as you get started.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s discover interesting casino slots now. You are welcome!

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